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These pages are about the art of strict self bondage. This is the art of tying yourself up in such a way that you will be unable to free yourself before a certain time has passed. I have tried out all of the scenarios by myself, so I guarantee that I are real, and I am not exposing you to any risks that I have not taken by myself. I have done all of the scenarios at least 20 times, some probably more than 100 times. This means that they are very stable.

I believe that, in order to practice self-bondage you must be smart above average, and you need some technical handyness. You need some courage too, not of the risk taking kind, but you must trust in your own judgement. If you are in doubt, ask somebody else to tie you up, because I do not wish to be responsible for your untimely end or some very unpleasant situation.

This is not a pornographic website, but there is some nudity in drawings and pictures. There are also some pages about forced orgasms. If you don't like that, then you probably should not continue reading.

Most of the scenarios are complicated, and require practice and preparation. You cannot say `the wife is going to a concert, so let's do some self bondage'. You need to have frequent occasion to practice and prepare things. Don't feel rushed to do things when you are not ready. If you don't have enough occasions, go to a domina.

Safety is very important for me. I believe that all of the scenarios are safe. I spent a lot time thinking about what can go wrong, and I make sure that there are multiple release mechanisms, so that if one mechanism fails, there is always a second. If you decide to improve one of the scenarios, you must think very long about safety. I also think there is little room for improvement, because all scenarios were tried many times.

Earlier versions of this site had three languages (German,Dutch and English), you can still see it from the header of this page, but the current version is only English. It is too much work to maintain three versions and to keep them identical.


This page, and all its subpages, including all pictures and drawings, were created by DonnaDonnaj. Exact details of the license are at the bottom.


Please read the following pages, before you try or buy anything. If you are intimidated by the complexity, please find yourself a nice domina.


I have always been fascinated with tying. The first time that I remember trying self bondage was in 1980, although not serious. I had received plastic handcuffs as a present, and tried them on myself. Fortunately, I was able to get them off. After that, I tried to put them on volunteers, but didn't find any.

During the 80-ies, I often tried to tie myself up with ropes, but I was never satisfied with the result, because I never found an acceptable way of tying my hands on the back, and never found an acceptable way of tying my elbows to my body. I also sometimes tried to tie myself to a chair, but without success. (Note: You should not tie yourself or somebody else to a chair, because chairs are unstable.)

Only in 1987, I found an acceptable way of tying myself (hands on the back, elbows to body) with ropes. This scenario is the basis of the basic position with body harness below.

In 1992, I started trying strict self-bondage. I first tied myself to a bed with chains, using an alarm clock with keys as release mechanism. I realized soon that this approach was unsafe, because the keys could possibly fall out of reach. After that, I started tying myself with chains and padlocks. Somewhere in spring 1992, I found an unescapable way of tying my hands on the back that was suitable for strict self-bondage. Later, I considered this method unsafe, because it uses a single lock only. After having used several modifications, I arrived in 2008 at the method described below.

In spring 1993, I found a way of tying my elbows to the body with chains, so that I could reproduce the complete rope scenario of 1987 with chains in strict self-bondage. This is the basic position with body harness.

In 2001, after having seen the pages by Linda Lace, I created the first version of my own selfbondage pages on geocities. The pages existed until 2009, when geocities closed. A copy still exists here.

In 2002, I started experimenting with penis vibrators. The first one that somewhat worked, was built from lego. The second one was essentially the transversal vibrator described below. This vibrator worked very well, but then I broke the vibrator, because I wanted to improve it, changed the power supply, and was unable to get it working until 2009, without understanding the reason. You can see the struggle on the geocities page.

In 2009, I finally managed to understand the problem, and the vibrators that I have now, have irresistible effect. In order to use the vibrators in self bondage, it was necessary to create new scenarios. It is essential that the vibrator does not touch anything, so that there is really no escape from its vibrations. The resulting scenarios are a new door tie in which the vibrator hangs free, and a bed tie in which the vibrator is pulled up by a rope with a weight at its end. The door tie is included below. The bed tie I will add later, but it is similar to the door tie.

In 2017, I rewrote and updated the self bondage pages, because some of the scenarios had changed, I had built a working vibrator, and created new scenarios. I removed the German and Dutch pages, because it is too much work to maintain three copies. Unfortunately, it is not so easy anymore as in 2000 to construct an anonymous web page. I am very grateful to Bound Anna that she is willing to host my new pages.

Chain Scenarios

The chain scenarios are the oldest scenarios that I still use regularly. The first versions originate from 1992.

Rope Scenarios





Please let me know what you think, whether you performed the scenarios and how it was. I know that you are reading my pages, but I never hear anything from you. You can write me mail.


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