Making Cuffs from Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps are cheap, can be bought everywhere, and you can make very nice cuffs from them. The cuffs can be used on yourself, and they also fit on every woman. They are soft on the skin, and they leave almost no traces.

For a complete set, you need the following:

The sizes of the rings don't matter too much, but I think they should be between 30 and 40 millimeter, and it is natural to use bigger rings on the ankles. Tickness of the rope also doesn't matter much. It should be strong enough, and it shouldn't be too thick.

In addition to the materials, you need superglue, and good scissors.


  1. Cut the nylon rope into 4 pieces of rope of approximately 2.5 meter. Put superglue at the ends, so that the ropes will not fray at the ends. Take a break until the glue is dry. Open the windows, because superglue stinks seriously.
  2. Cut two ratchet straps for the ankles straight at 120 cm from the ratchet. Put superglue at the ends against the fraying, and take another break.
  3. Cut the other two ratchet straps for the hands straight at 80 cm from the ratchet. Put superglue at the end, against the fraying.
  4. Tie the four pieces of ropes to the rings, using bowlines, or cow hitches. If you use cow hitches, don't make them too tight. Put lots of superglue on the knots. Take yet another break.
  5. When the glue has dried up, you can build the cuffs. This is easy in principle, but there is a trick: The strap goes round three times. Each time it goes through the ring, but the first two times, the strap goes through the back of the metal lock of the ratchet. The third time, the strap goes through the lock of the ratchet. In this way, one obtains a solid cuff, that can be only opened with two hands. There is a drawing and pictures below.

Ratchet Straps

Here are some ratchet straps of good quality:


A drawing of the construction:

Pictures of the construction:


In order to open a cuff, you (or your victim) needs the other hand. If your hands are far enough apart, you will not be able to open the cuffs. In order to do this, you canonnect the cuffs to bed posts (or to the sides of a door, see the door tie.)

If you want to use the cuffs in self bondage, you need to attach another ratchet to the end of one of the cuffs. First put one hand in the other cuff and close it, using the hand that is still free. After that, give the ratchet that you connected to the other cuff, to your tied hand. Now you can put your free hand in the first cuff, and close it with the hand that is already tied. Now both of your hands are tied.

If you want, you can remove the ratchet strap (that you used for pulling), and throw it away.

Don't do this without escape mechanism (ice lock), because THIS IS FOR REAL!

The Ratchet Cuffs In Action

Your friendly author wears them:


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