Tie Yourself to a Door

Tying yourself to a door is not easy! You must have quite some experience with self bondage. You will need several days for practicing, for buying the parts, and for finding the right sizes that fit to your body. You need the ratchet cuffs, that are described elsewhere. If you want to use a vibrator, you must build it in advance, test it and know how to use it with an electronic timer.

If all these warnings didn't make you afraid, then we can start. First find a suitable door. The one that I use, has a height of 200 cm, and a width of 96 cm. (My own height is 180 cm). You will tie yourself on the side to which the door opens. The door must be strong enough to support your weight, when it is closed. Otherwise, you will have a big problem.

Possibility of the door tie is based on two essential ideas. The rest is just working out the details:

  1. It is possible to tie rope ratchets around the door, and pull them tight, so that they will keep metal rings in place. These metal rings can be used for tying. Usually, the edges of the door and the doorpost are quite vulnerable, and the doorpost sometimes contains plastic or rubber for isolation. Because of this, it is essential that the door and the doorpost are not touched by something that might damage them. This can be obtained by using the method that is shown in the drawing below: Simple (nylon) rope is tied between the rings in front of the door, ratchet strap is put around the door. There will five such loops (ankles, knees, crotch, elbows, hands).
  2. Your weight can be carried by a ratchet strap that is put over the top of the door to the other side, and which connects to two of the loops around the door, namely the loop for your hands and the loop for your crotch.

Attaching metal rings to the door:

First Time

If you do it first the first time, you need to reserve a lot of extra time. One day probably won't be enough. You will probably find out that some of your materials are not exactly right, so that you will have to buy more.

A lot of time will be spent to tuning. The loops for the knees, crotch, elbows and hands must be put at the right height, dependent on your body sizes. If you do it for the first time, you will spend a lot of time figuring out what the right heights are. Once you found them, measure them and write them down, so that the next time you know where they are.

You also should do a couple of tests. First tie only your ankles, knees and crotch. Make sure that the crotch ropes can support your weight fully. Lift your feet of the ground. Test it rough, because you are going to trust this construction with tied hands. If you don't trust it now, you should not continue.

If you are confident about your legs and crotch, you can try to tie one hand. It is important that you do this with tied and fully spread legs, because your body will be much (20 cm) lower when your legs are spread. Always make sure that there is a pair of scissors within reach during testing. You can do this by tying it to one of the handcuffs. Never put anything else than ice in the ice lock, even when you have scissors nearby. Just don't do it. Don't even think of it.

If you have obtained some routine in tying one hand, you must do a test for the full time with one tied hand. Wait until the ice melts, and make yourself absolutely sure that you can get the tied hand out of the elbow loop without help of the other hand. Also convince yourself that you can endure the full time with one hand tied. If the hands are tied too high, the position becomes very unpleasant after 20-30 minutes. Your hands may become completely numb. Find the right height. Self bondage should not become self torture, it should be fun. Once you have found the right heights for your hands and elbow loops, write them down. If you are sure that you can endure the full time and get out a single hand without help of the other, you can go for the real thing.

Preparation of the Door

As said before, you will tie yourself on the opening side of the door. You need to prepare five loops around the door as explained before. Each loop contains two metal rings. Between the rings, in front of the door, is always rope. Around and behind the door is always a ratchet strap, so that the door will not get damaged.
You can use the rings of the cuffs. Tie the cuffs together at the right distance, which is slightly less than the width of the door. Insert a ratchet strap behind the rings and pull it tight behind the door. It is needless to say that the door must be open while you do this. The cuffs should be 10 cm above the ground. (They are a bit too high on the drawings below.) It is useful to tie another ratchet band between the ankle cuffs. You can do without, but standing will be much more unpleasant. Your weight will force you to spread your feet, which gets unpleasant on your soles.
I use metal rings with a diameter of 45 mm. Their purpose is to spread your knees as wide as possible. It is possible to use ratchet straps for spreading the legs, but I prefer simple nylon rope, because the door tie already uses too many ratchet straps, and the lock of the ratchet is heavy, which causes it to fall off the knees. Prepare the ropes in advance with a loop of proper size. You can put another ratchet strap through one of the metal rings. This can be used later for keeping your crotch fixed. (See the artistic drawings below.)
Use a good rope, and make sure that the rope makes at least three loops between the rings. Use strong metal rings. Mine have a diameter of 6 cm, and a thickness of 8 mm. This loop will carry your weight! The ratchet strap behind should be no problem, because vendors claim that they can hold several 100 kg. You will have to insert some more ratchet straps that will make sure that your weight can be carried, but this comes later.
As with the knees, the only purpose of this loop is to keep your elbows spread and close to the door. It won't carry any weight. The rings have a diameter of 35 mm. Tie a short rope between the rings of the elbow loop, and the crotch loop. When you will tie your hands, you first stick them behind this rope, and after that into the hand cuffs. This will keep your elbows spread, and close to the door. Don't be tempted to restrict your elbows further! When you are freeing yourself, you MUST BE ABLE TO GET YOUR HANDS OUT WITH THE CUFFS STILL ON THEM! You can only remove the cuffs from your hands when you can get your hands together. If you cannot them out of the elbow loop, you will have a big problem. Don't experiment with further restricting your elbows. My method is the best possible method.
This loop must be able to carry your weight. If you are very strong, perhaps even more. Use enough rope in the front, three times round at least. The rings must be strong enough, but so small that the rings from the handcuffs do not fit through them. Mine have a diameter of 35 mm.

Weight System

The door tie must be able to support your weight completely. Start with putting a (shortened, 1 meter) ratchet strap over the door, and tie it on both sides around the highest loop, the loop that will hold your hands. I will later refer to this strap as T (top). Pull it sufficiently tight. Make sure that the loop for your hands does not slip upward while doing this. It will make the tie unpleasant, because your hands get too high, and possibly the loop will later slip down when you put your weight on it, which may damage the door.

Next we connect T to the crotch loop. In front, put a ratchet strap through the big rings, and through ratchet strap T. The result has the form of a triangle. In the back, put another ratchet strap through T, and tighten it around the ratchet strep of the crotch loop. Now the crotch loop will be carried by T, both in front and at the back. This construction is strong enough to hold your weight.

Finally, put two more ratchet straps through the metal rings in front (left and right). These will be pulled tight between your legs later, in order to fixate your crotch, and carry your weight.

Here are two drawings of the front and the back side of the prepared door. The given scale should be correct when you print it on A4 format.



Ankle cuff attached to door:

Prepared rope for spreading the knees:

Door with elbow and crotch ring. The elbow goes behind the black rope. The red/black strap at the bottom goes between the legs. The blue strap carries the weight.

Top of the door. The blue strap is the same as in the previous picture. The red black strap carries all the weight.

The back of the door (all loops are visible, except the ankle loop):

Preparing the Ratchet Cuffs

Your hands will be tied with ratchet cuffs, so I assume that you have built them already. If not, I described somewhere else on my pages how to do this. The release mechanism is based on ice cubes, so you will need to have some ice cubes ready in the freezer. You will also need two connected screw links, which will hold the ice cubes.

In order to order to prepare the ratchet cuffs, you have to tie an overhand loop first, and then create a kind of pulley mechanism by adding two loops through the overhand loop and the ring of the rope cuff. This pulley mechanism will be used later for pulling the hand cuffstight, when you have added the ice cubes. Here are a drawing and a picture:

These are the screw links that will hold the ice cubes:

You can now put the (overhand) loops of the ratchet cuffs through the rings that you prepared on the door. The rings of the ratchet cuffs will not fit through the rings on the door. The loops should reach to the middle of the door, so that it is possible to insert the screw links with ice cubes in them as follows (the picture was not made in the door):

It remains to add one more ratchet strap to the end of one of the cuffs, which you will use at the end to pull it tight with the other hand. It is the procedure that I explained on the page about the ratchet cuffs. At this point, all preparations are finished, and you can step in. I have some more practical tips:

  1. If you do this for the first time, you should first tie one hand only, and tie a pair of scissors to your hand. When you are confident that you can get out, you can try both hands, and without scissors.
  2. The timing is tricky. It is difficult to predict how long you will stand. In winter, it can be as long as 1hr20min. In summer, it can be as short as 40min. 1hr20min is too long, and 40min is a bit short if you want to use a vibrator. In winter, you should first put the ice, and then wait 20 minutes. I usually make a dry run to know how long it will take.
  3. For me, it takes between 15 and 20 minutes to get in. If you do it for the first time, it will probably take longer.

And Now for Real

  1. Put fresh ice in the ice lock. If it is cold, wait for 10-20 minutes. Try to avoid being tied for longer than 50 minutes. I have done 1hr20min, but it is unpleasant.
  2. Get undressed. Put the spreader ropes around your knees.
  3. If you want to use a vibrator, then connect it now and set the timer. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get into the tie, if you are experienced.
  4. Pull the loops in the hand cuffs tight, and close them with a knot as shown on the picture below.
  5. You can now tie your ankles into the ankle cuffs.
  6. Put the crotch ropes in place, and spread your knees, using the spreader rops that you attached before. More sure that the crotch ropes are tight enough, so that you can rest on them, and are unable to move your crotch.
  7. Stick one arm behind the elbow rope, and put it in the cuff. Pull the cuff tight with the other hand. Use the free hand to give the strap, that is connected to the other cuff, to the hand that is already tied.
  8. Now put your free arm behind its elbow rope, and put it in the cuff. Pull the cuff tight with the other hand.

Pull the loops tight, and tie a knot, as shown on this picture:


If you made it up to here, congratulations! You reached the highest level of self bondage. This is how you look right now:

You will soon discover that the door tie is a continuous struggle between your legs and your hands. It you let your legs rest, your hands become uncomfortable. If you try to stand as high as possible, your legs will get tired. Move your hands often, in order to avoid that they get numb. Start already doing this, before you feel anything. At some point, the vibrator will join in, and force you into an orgasm. Have a nice day.


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