Good Vibrations!

I explain how to build and use a simple tool that results in an orgasm in approximately 2 minutes. If properly connected, the orgasm is completely irresistible. After the orgasm, the feeling of the vibrator becomes extremely unpleasant. If you have put yourself in strict bondage, you will have to endure it.

Use of vibrations is a bit unnatural. It would be more natural to build some kind of artificial vagina, or some kind of stroking machine, but I never managed. Main problem is that the organ involved, changes its size all the time. I have not been able to build a machine that can cope with these size changes. Another problem is that the organ becomes insensitive to every movement that is repeated exactly. Continuous small changes in the stroking are necessary. A woman is usually able to somewhat this after some discussion, but a machine isn't.


In the early 2000s, I tried to build a rubbing machine from Lego. In 2002, I had one that somewhat worked. I soon realized that the rubbing played no role in the effect, only the vibrations mattered. So I created a simple vibrator by tying an electromotor to a wooden slat, and tying the whole thing to my penis. It worked very well, and I used it for a couple of weeks during the summer of 2002. Then I tried to rebuilt it in a more permanent way, by fixing the motor permanently to the slat, and suddenly it didn't work anymore. I couldn't get it working until 2009, which was kind of frustrating. During these dark ages, I did a lot of experiments with direct/indirect current, different weights, and different engines, but I was unable to reproduce the effect. In October 2009, I found out that the reason of the failure was the position of the engine on the slat. It is explained below.


The principle of the vibrator is simple: It consists of a small electric engine glued to a wooden slat. A small, excentric weight is connnected to the engine. When the engine is turned on, it creates a vibration that causes a quick, not very satisfying orgasm. In order to work, the vibrator must to be tied to the organ and it must hang free.

Longitudinal vs. Tranverse

There are two ways in which the engine can be placed on the slat, longitudinal or transverse . Longitudinal is when the axis of the engine is aligned with the centre line of the slat. Tranverse is when the axis of the engine is perpendicular to the centre line of the slat.

Placement of Engine with Transverse Vibrator

As said before, the longitudinal vibrator is easier to build than the tranverse vibrator, because it does not matter where the engine is placed. Main point that the stationary point (for those that know mechanics: It is the center of mass of the complete vibrator) must be above the center line of the slat.

When the mass center of the vibrator is not above the center line, the movement of the vibrator will create a pulling/pushing component on the penis. It will work well in the beginning, but then the penis will get hard, and at this point the pulling/pushing movement becomes impossible, which blocks the vibrator from working. The speed of the engine will slow down, and nothing will happen anymore until the penis gets weak again. Possibly the skin gets damaged in the process, which will force you into celibacy for a few days.

With the longitudinal vibrator, the mass center will be automatically above the center line of the slat. This is why it is easier to build. When I built the first vibrator (in 2002), it was of tranverse type, with the engine accidentily positioned at the right place. When I built the permanent version, I tried to optimize the pulling/pushing movement, which was exactly the wrong thing to do. I understood this only in 2009. So, if you decide to build a transverse vibrator, you must check carefully where the stationary point is. It is very easy to see where it is, when the vibrator is switched on. One can also easily check by feeling at the end of the slat, that there is no pulling/pushing movement.


  1. Find a slat. You can easily get them in a shop, because they are used for stirring paint. Shops give either for free, or for low price. Using a saw or a sharp knife, cut out the pattern that is shown on the drawings below. Their purpose is to make sure that the vibrator will not slide off. Make sure, using sandpaper, that there are no sharp ends, because you don't want splinters in your delicate love organ.
  2. Find a suitable electromotor. I obtained the best results with electromotors for electronic model building. Such engines are used in model planes and model trucks. There are scans of the specification sheets below.
  3. Prepare the weights. I use a coin with a metal wire that was bent in L-shape, and glued to the coin. One can use either superglue or epoxy. The coin should not be too heavy. The one that I use, has a weight of 4 gram, and a diameter of 20 mm. Together with the wire it has a weight of 5 gram. It is tempting to use a heavier coin, but the result will probably be worse, because the frequency of the vibration will be less.
  4. Glue the engine to the slat. If you want to build a transverse vibrator, you must first determine the stationary point of the engine when the weight is attached. This means that you have to connect the electronic wires to the engine first, so that it works. When the engine vibrates, you can easily see where the stationary point is. The engine must be glued in such a way that the stationary point is above the centre line of the slat. Before you glue the engine, make it rough on one side with sand paper. Also make the slat rough. First connect the engine with a few drops of super glue, wait a while, connect the electric wires, and test the vibrator. If it works well, you can put a lot more superglue, and wait one day. After that, add expoxy glue.

Specification Sheets of Engines

Truck Puller gives the best results:

Igrashi N2738 also works good:

Probably other engines also work. Don't use high voltage!


I use a coin with an L-shaped wire attached to it:

The left part was obtained by cutting away the plastic part from a screw terminal:

Longitudinal Vibrator

Transverse Vibrator

If you want to use it, while lying on the back, you need a weight as follows:

Problems with Center of Mass

Center of mass (stationary point) must be above centre line of slat. Here is a drawing:

The pulling component will create too much resistance when the penis gets hard, which slows down the vibrator, after which it doesn't work anymore.

Power Supply

You will a need a good power supply with variable voltage. It can be used with an electronic timer, which is useful in self-bondage. Below is a picture of my power supply. It is my most expensive self-bondage piece of equipment, but it has other applications too.

Using the Vibrator

The vibrator is used by attaching it to your penis with three short pieces of rope, as on the pictures below. One rope must be just below the head. This rope must be a bit more tight than the other ropes. It is essential the the vibrator hangs free, so that the rotating weight does not touch anything. My prefered way of using the vibrators is in the door tie, that is described on my pages. Put your penis in a plastic bag, so that the vibrator stays clean.

As for the timing, use a digital timer. Set it to a duration of 3 minutes, 1.5 minutes to get the orgasm and another 1.5 minute to suffer. Sometimes, 2 minutes on, 5 minutes break, 3 minutes on, works and causes two orgasms. Don't make the total time too long. It is important to know that the vibrator makes your penis less sensitive for 4-5 days, which is bad if you want to have usual sex.

In order to work, it must hang free:


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