On this page, I describe the materials that are needed for the scenario's on my webpages. Not everything is needed for all scenario's. None of the materials was originally intended for bondage, so you won't have to pay any perversion tax.


Nylon Rope

Without nylon rope, no life is possible! It is strong, and it feels good on the skin. In addition, it has the useful property that it can be melt through by a soldering iron. The only disadvantage is that it is very elastic, which makes it unsuitable for some applications. On the other hand, elasticity sometimes is an advantage.

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps are cheap, and extremely useful in (self)bondage.


Screwlinks can be used instead of padlocks at places that you cannot reach with your hands. This saves money, and it allows you to keep your bundle of keys of reasonable size.

Welding Wire

Wielding wire is 1 meter long. It can be 2/3/4 mm thick, and consists of iron, with a thin layer of cupper on the surface. It can be pinched quite easily, and soldering tin holds very well on it. It is quite easy to make e.g. cuffs from it, or a rope lock (see the rack). I also made ice cube holders from it (see the release mechanisms).

Butterfly Chain

Butterfly chain is a type of metal chain. The links consist of pieces of metal wire that are ingeniously twisted into the form of a butterfly, or an eight. (See the drawing). It is cheap, strong, and thin. It costs app. 1 Euro/meter. It can be easily cut with a pair of pinchers. It comes in various thicknesses. You need quite a lot of it in various thicknesses for the basic position and the basic position with body harness.

Sometines the ends (see drawing) are sharp. This will hurt your skin. Try to feel the ends in the shop before you buy it. If this is not possible, for example because a salesman tries to disturb you, simply buy the chain, and polish the ends at home with a file. It is not much work.

After cutting butterfly chain, always remove incomplete links, if there are any.


Padlocks cost about 5 Euro. I have one ABUS N65/30, (App. 3x3cm) and 6 ABUS N65/20 (These are 2x2cm). The type does not matter much, but there are some restrictions on the sizes of the padlocks, see the various scenario descriptions. Padlocks are always sold with two keys. Make two bunches of keys, which contain the keys in the same order. It is a good idea to color put color tags on the keys and on the locks. It saves some time and stress during release.

Metal Rings

You need metal rings for the basic position with body harness, for making ratchet straps, for the door tie, and for the rack.


Soldering Iron

Soldering irons are used by decent people for connecting electrical components. We will use them for constructing release mechanisms.

Tongs and Pinchers

Butterfly chain is easy to cut with pinchers. Tongues can be used for making a rope lock out of metal wire.

Coloured Pens

Use coloured pens to mark the locks and the keys. It will save you a lot of time and stress when freeing yourself. (At least when it is light)


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