The Basic Position

The basic position is my simplest position, and also the oldest. It was invented in 1992, with some changes in 2007. I think it is very safe. It needs little preparation. It does not cause circulation problems, but it sometimes leaves marks on the wrists. They always disappear overnight. Problems are much less if you wash your wrists in advance. (If somebody asks you where the marks come from, tell that you have neurodermitis.) The basic position is good if you want to relax for a while. If you prefer to suffer, try out the rack, which I describe on another page.

The basic position looks as follows. You lie naked on the ground with your hands tied together behind your back. In addition, your hands are tied to a chain that goes around and between your legs. Your ankles are also tied together. You cannot stand up.

For the key release mechanism, look in the section on release methods. I nearly always use key dropping based on ice, since I do not like to be tied up longer than 45 minutes. I recommend sticking with this method.

It is better to tie yourself to something fixed with a chain around your neck, so that you cannot start moving around. Otherwise you might try to stand and try to reach for the keys. That is quite dangerous, since tied up you can fall very hard. It is important that you have completely no chance of escape, since that puts you in the right mood to peacefully accept your situation.

I first describe the most important components of the basic position, after that I give the recipe for the complete scenario. I assume that you have read the section on tying your hands with chains, and that you are able to tie your hands behind your back while in sitting position.


The complete scenario

You are now ready for the complete scenario, here you go:
  1. Get ice cubes. Put both sets of keys in their key holders. (Always use two sets!)
  2. Get yourself naked.
  3. Put on the crotch eight. (B on the drawing below) Don't close the lock yet.
  4. Sit down, as shown in the first drawing below. Tie your ankles together.
  5. If you want, you can connect a chain around your neck as well. It should be not too tight, and you should be able to reach the place where the keys will drop with your hands. Check this in advance!
  6. Close lock A at the end of the chain for your hands. Lay out the chain in the right configuration, with the ring on its place. Place lock B behind your back. Stick your hands behind your back through the chain. Pull the chain tight, pick up lock B and close it.
  7. Lie down on your back and dangle the chain from the crotch eight between your arms. (See second drawing below). Actually, you must first pick up the end and throw it between your arms. Pick it up from the other side, and put it (as tight as you can) into the lock of the crotch eight, and finally close the lock.
  8. Enjoy!

After the keys have come down

The easiest way to get free is to first open the lock of the crotch eight. After that you can open one of the locks of your hands. Finally the ankles can be freed.

A Simple Hogtie

The basic position can be modified into a hogtie very easily. Tie your ankles, using Method 2 in the section on tying the ankles. When closing the lock of the crotch eight, first put in the chain that went between your arms. After that bend your knees, and put the chain from your ankles in as well. (This is easy when you lie on your side) Then close the lock and you are nicely hogtied.

Safety of the Basic Position

The basic position is designed in such a way that failure of one component cannot result in you getting stuck.

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