Safety of Self Bondage

Before performing any self bondage, please read the following safety remarks carefully and make sure that you understand them. If something goes wrong, you may end up dead, may get hurt very seriously, or humiliated for the rest of your life. I give you two lists. The first list of safety rules is about keeping you alive. The second list is about avoiding the humiliation of a discovery. Even if you follow the safety rules, there is no guarantee that you will survive. You may have a fire in your house, or an earthquake, or thiefs may enter your house. The risk can be made very small, but it cannnot be eliminated completely. Here is the first list:

I expect from you that you follow the rules that I have just given. I don't want you to get hurt. The following rules are less strict. They are about avoiding discovery and humiliation.

There are some remaining advices to give:

Never panic!

If things go wrong, then don't start struggling without thinking. Chains and locks are stronger than you. You will only hurt youself. Look at your situation and check what your possibilities are. In the worst case, shout for help.

Chains can leave permanent scars

I have a few of them. No problem for a man, but if you are woman you probably want to avoid them. Chains don't leave scars on your wrists or ankles, neither on the elbows, but for some reason they leave permantent scars on the chest when lying on them. This is a problem with the BPBH. Make sure that the background is soft enough.


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