The Rack!


You are naked and lie down on your belly. Your ankles are tied together and connected to some strong, fixed point, which is out of your reach. You hands are in front of you, and tied as well. A rope, that is connected to your hands, pulls your hands firmly away from you. (See on the drawing below)

General Preparations

Release Mechanism

The release mechanism consists of two rope cut mechanisms. One uses a soldering iron, the other one is based on ice. See the page on release mechanisms for details. Try it out many times, so that you can be totally sure that it really works. Don't save on release mechanisms. Use them both. On the drawing, I have put the release mechanism on the side of the hands, but they could be also on the side of the ankles. The soldering iron should be as close to a connection point as possible, so that it won't shake when you move. (The soldering iron should be exchanged with the ice on the drawing)


If you prefer to try the rack in a non-strict way, then you can replace the icecube in the release mechanism by a screwdriver with a rope attached to it. When you are done, you can free yourself by pulling the screwdriver out of the release mechanism. Make sure that the end of the rope is within your reach. For any case, also put a pair of scissors within reach, or a knife.

Getting Out

I have always got out easily. Once you can get your hands near you, it is very easy to get the hands out of one noose, and to remove the rope. It is not necessary to use the teeth.

The complete scenario

  1. Put a blanket on the floor on the place where you will be lying.
  2. You will first prepare the ropes on the side of your hands. Connect a rope to the connection point. Connect another short rope to this with a simple knot, and tie the short rope around a soldering iron. (In this way, as little as possible good rope will be destroyed) Connect two metal rings to the other end of the short rope. The two metal rings are one half of the ice release mechanism. Prepare another short piece of rope. Connect one ring, and the rope lock to one side, and connect two rings to the other side. The two rings are the second half of the ice release mechanism. You can now put a rope in the ice release mechanism, but for the moment replace the ice by something else, for example a screw driver. On the side of the short rope, where are now one ring and the rope lock, you can prepare the rope with which you will pull the rack tight, as explained before.
  3. You now continue with your ankles. Connect a rope to the connection point for your ankles. Make a big noose for your ankles. The length of the rope must be chosen carefully. When your ankles are tied through the noose, you must be unable to reach the rope lock, but you must be able to tie your hands through the loops on the other side, so that you can pull them tight.
  4. Prepare two ropes, one for your ankles and one for your hands. The rope for your hands should have nooses, as explained before.
  5. Set the electronic timer. I recommend that you do not set the time longer than 40 minutes. Put an ice cube in the ice release mechanism. Put the screwdriver (that was on the place of the ice) at a safe distance.
  6. Get undressed. I want you to be naked when performing my scenario's.
  7. There we go. Tie your ankles (in eight form) through the noose that you have prepared in advance.
  8. Check one more time that there is ice in the release mechanism, and that you have adjusted the electronic timer. Then tie your hands through the loops, and pull the loops tight.
  9. Think a short moment about what you did. You are tied!

Drawing of the situation


It is better to reverse the order of the soldering iron and the icecube release, so that the soldering iron shakes as little as possible, when you move!


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