Tying your own Hands with Chains

Tying your own hands with chains is not difficult if you know the trick. One can also use handcuffs, but my method is cheaper, better, and also safer. Chains distribute the force more equally over your wrists than handcuffs, and it is always possible to put the keys in the locks, while with handcuffs this may be not possible if you put them wrong. Most types of cuffs have a chain between the hands which leave to much space between the hands. The ties on my site (basic and total) rely on the fact that you cannot move your hands to the front your body, when they are tied behind the back. This means that your hands must be tied together quite closely. This is possible with the method below.


You need the following things:

Configure the chain, ring and padlocks as shown below. The chain is laid out in the form of an eight, and one padlock is closed at the end. Put your hands in, and pull the chain through the lock tight with the right hand. (If you are left handed you must mirror the lay out.) It is easy to stick the other padlock through the chain and close it, also with the right hand. Now your hands are tied! There is no need to pull the chain very tight, because it makes the tie unpleasant.

If you want to get out, you open either of the locks. Practice both ways. It is important for safety, because it means that you will not get stuck if one lock fails to open.

Determine in advance the loosest position on the chain such that you cannot free yourself anymore, and mark this position with a marker pen. You can also tie a little rope at this point, so that you can easily find this point later when you do it for real. Practice first with the hands in front of your body, and later with your hands behind your back. After some practicing you will be able to get your hands tied and untied in complete darkness or blindfolded.

The Prepared Chain


Schematic drawing (the interleaving is important, otherwise the tie is escapable):

Picture Series, Tying the Hands:

Locks Closed! Hands are Tied!

Freeing the Hands:

(I could have used the other lock as well)


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