The Basic Position with Body Harness

Perhaps the word 'body harness' is a bit exaggerated, but this position is one of my favorites. It gives an extremely good feeling of being completely tied up. The basic position with body harness is obtained from the basic position by tying the elbows tight to the body, and tying the knees together. This results in a very good feeling of being completely tied up. As with the basic position, the scenario can be modified into a hogtie, by connecting the ankle chain to the crotch eight, but I like this less (It's harder to cum).

When you try it for the first time, the position is complicated, but after a couple of times you will be able to tie yourself in maybe 15 minutes + 20 minutes preparation time. Before you try the body harness, you should collect enough experience with the basic position. Try it a few times with the keys next to you, before you try it for real. Make marks on the elbow chains, and on the chest chain, so that you can quickly find the right lengths when you tie yourself up. The lenghts should be such that the chains are tight but comfortable. If you find the right lenghts, the basic position with body harness does not hurt, but the chains can leave marks on your body, which may remain visible for up to 48 hours. Don't try this scenario, if you intend to go the beach/swimming pool/sauna or visit your girl friend within the next 2 days.

When it is hot and you are sweating, the chains on the elbow and chest might hurt. Your body seems to be a bit bigger when it is hot, which makes the chains more tight. In addition, you are more likely to wear light clothes which make the marks more visible. I usually don't do the body harness when it is hot.

You need quite a few padlocks for this scenario, namely 6 small ones, (2 for the ankles, 2 for the hands, 2 for the back chain) and 1 big one (for the crotch eight). You will find it convenient to put the keys in a fixed order on the key sets, and to use the padlocks on fixed places, so that you don't have to try all keys when freeing yourself. I recommend to put color marks or numbers on the padlocks and keys. In addition to the locks you need at least 5 keyrings. (1 for the knees and 2 for each of your elbows)

Preparing the ingredients

The complete recipe

Please try it first without time delay, and make sure that you don't have circulation problems. Circulation problems caused by the elbow chains are the main risk of this scenario! If you have circulation problems during a session, then lie on your side. When you lie on the belly the back chain is pulled more tight. The back chain can be pulled fairly tight without problems, but you need to know where the border is. Circulation problems are less likely to occur when it is warm in the room.

  1. Put both sets of keys in their key dropping mechanisms.
  2. Remove your clothes. I expect you to be naked.
  3. Put the elbow chains around your elbows, and lock them with the screwlinks. Make sure the chain passes twice through each ring! The screwlink must be on the outside, so that it does not interfere with the rings.
  4. Put on the crotch eight. Don't close the lock yet.
  5. Sit down, as indicated in the first drawing of the basic position. Tie your ankles together as with the basic position.
  6. Tie your knees together. If you want a hogtie, then don't tie them too tight.
  7. Connect the back chain with a padlock at its end to the crotch eight on the left side. (See the drawing on the page about the back chain) The lock should be within your reach when your hands are tied. After that, pull the back chain 3 times through the rings on your elbow chains, as shown on the drawing on the page about the back chain.
  8. Put the neck-and-chest chain over your neck, connect the chest chain to the elbow chains using the key rings.
  9. Put a padlock behind you for closing the back chain at the other side.
  10. Pull the back chain reasonably tight, so that you can reach its end when your hands are tied.
  11. Lay out the chain for tying your hands. Connect one lock at the end of this chain, put another behind you. Then tie your hands behind your back, while making sure that the back chain is between your right arm and your back, and that you can reach it. Pull the back chain somewhat tight immediately after you are finished with tying your hands, because otherwise you might loose it.
  12. Lie down on your back and dangle the chain from the crotch eight between your arms. (See basic position) Pick it up from the other side, put it (as tight as you can) into the lock of the crotch eight, and close the lock.
  13. Pull the back chain tight, move your elbows a few times, pull the chain more tight, etc. Lock it with a padlock onto the crotch eight. (Read the safety remarks!)
  14. You did it! Think a moment about what it means to be tied. For the rest, have fun! I hope you like it.

After the keys have come down

First open the left or right lock of the back chain. Then open the lock of the crotch eight. After that, free your hands. Now the other locks can be opened easily, and you are free man/woman again. Now you know the value of freedom.

The hogtie

Like the basic position, the BPBH can be modified into a hogtie very easily. Tie your ankles, using Method 2 (see basic position) Before closing the lock of the crotch eight, put in the chain that goes between your arms as before. After that, bend your knees, and put the chain from your ankles in as well. This is easy when you lie on your side. After that, close the lock and you are nicely hogtied. Finally, pull the back chain tight. You will observe that the hogtie becomes quite unpleasant after some time. You will be quite happy when you are free again.


The BPBH is designed in such a way that failure of one component does not bring problems. Read here.


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